Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jesus Sat Down

Moving on from the ascension...

Jesus hands over His blood, then sits down
Time for the doctrine of 'sitting down' (from Hebrews):

1. A new kingdom is established - with Jesus as King
2. The old age is triggered to begin passing away (for the old is rendered obsolete when the new is enacted)
3. The new kingdom is categorised by sitting down - i.e. rest, rather than by toilsome labour
4. The new kingdom is one where the Greater serves the Lesser (the Father now begins to serve the Son)
5. The one who sits down is not a tyrant, but a gentle high priest - in the order of Melchizedek - it is the beginning of the rule of the Priest-King - who characterises the nature of that age
6. The one who sits down is God-Man - enacted the beginning of the 'third way' of life
7. The passing of the old kingdom, triggers the 'journey' of the church - one cannot stand still in this age - move forward, or die - exit the camp, and pass through the waters of death or the Egyptians will skewer you
8. The saints are those who are heading for the new invisible city - one of permanence - the ones who are waiting for Him to be revealed

anything else?


Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I suggest that Hebrews is do named because it is a letter to the 'naturalised' church. That is to say those who growing up in a Christian/Jewish culture who no longer choose to move forward to the new city and have chosen to stand still - thus they are 'Hebrews'

The counter doctrine to get ppl moving is the doctrine of Jesus sitting down

Hebrews 4 sermon

What could it mean to enter that rest ?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012