Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The gospel of Gen 32

Jacob is a picture of Christ

In Gen 27 - we see Him take Adam's (Esau = Edom = Adam) skin and present himself to the Father - however this triggers wrath!

Gen 28-30 - The good shepherd lays his life down for His bride

Gen 32b - Jacob is the one who must propiate the wrath (note LXE translation)
Behold thy servant Jacob comes after us. For he said, I will propitiate his countenance with the gifts going before his presence, and afterwards I will behold his face, for peradventure he will accept me.

Gen 32a - he has a batallion of angels at his disposal but does not call on them

Gen 32c - instead he will wrestle in prayer (Gethsamane) to ensure 'thy will be done' - and then finally in Gen 33 - present himself to appease the wrath, saving his family

of course shadow Jacob is hopeless - but Jesus the true Jacob=> Israel - is awesome