Friday, 7 March 2008

The Word of God is No "Common word"

Ever read this?

A Common Word

Basically a letter written from Muslims to Christians emphasizing how we have a common ground to love people together....

What's really surprising is the number and names of Christians who agree with the document (for whatever reason) (all signatories can be found at the website)

A response from the Barnabas Fund
(supporting persecuted Christians - many in Muslim countries)

Even better.... John Piper on YouTube


Kermola said...

haha. i mentioned this to a friend today, before reading your post.
thanks for ur posts. always fun to have stuff to read. Can't seem to think of anything to post, or i'd contribute. Will keep trying to think of something. :)

yemsee said...

no worries mate..
i'm sure you have plenty to share =)