Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Desire for Christ

(quoted from "The Poor Doubting Christian Drawn to Christ" - Thomas Hooker, 1647)

How does the desire for Christ come?

There are but two affections in the soul for absent good. God infinitely wise having so framed it, and these two are hope and desire. The understanding says, "Such a thing is profitable and comfortable if I had it." The hope is sent out to wait for that goodness. And if it does not comes, then desire is sent out to meet that goodness. Hope stand and waits for it, but desire wanders up and down seeking and inquiring after the Lord Jesus, and goes from coast to coast and from east to west. "Oh, that I could; oh, that I might! And when shall I? And how may I come to the speech of the Lord Christ?" As it was with the spouse in the Song of Solomon (when her beloved was gone, she wandered up and down seeking him, and inquiring of the watchman if they did not see him whom her soul loved), so desire wanders from this thing to that, from this place to that place, and never ceases to seek and see if she can gain notice of Christ. It goes to prayer to see if that will entreat Christ. It goes to the Word to see if that will reveal Christ. It goes to conference to see if it can hear of Christ there. Then it comes to the congregation and to the sacrament, to see if it can hear of any news of Christ and mercy.

The soul thus continues wandering and seeking till at last the Lord Christ comes into the soul. When the soul has hungered and longed for Him, at length the Lord Christ is pleased to show Himself. "Behold the King comes." So the soul says, "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away your sins." O poor, broken-hearted sinner, here is your Saviour. He has come down from heaven to speak peace to your soul in the pardon of your sins. You who hunger after Christ, here He is to satisfy you. You who thirst after Christ, here He is to refresh you. To you who have long sought Him, He says, "Here I am, and all my merits are yours." Now when the Lord Jesus is pleased to present Himself to the soul, desire hath met with the Lord.

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