Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Just had to cut & paste Jacky's explanation of the rainbow & eating meat

This two fold witness is akin to communion and baptism today. What we have is the ark, a symbol of the baptism; the rainbow being an everlasting covenant while the seasons last and while this earth remains; and the eating is the communion whereupon the flesh can only be eaten AFTER the blood has been shed. So here, the work of Christ is symbolically complete after the flood; blood symbolically has been shed (both literally of all flesh, and symbolically of Christ’s mediatorial offering through the ark). And now, we eat flesh in remembrance of the animals which have died innocently for man’s sake - through meat offering.

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God's war-bow indeed has been hung up, a reminder of the washing in Christ, the gospel colour sequence reminding us of the baptism through the Light of the world. However rain still falls, the war-bow of judgement will come soon in a storm.

The institution of the eating of flesh and the waiting for the true blood to come...

great stuff Mr Lam!

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Jacky said...

no one has any other views? like meat is now edible because it is a stronger reminder of sins, just like the introduction of the Mosaic law to further magnify our sins?