Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Experience Meeting


this is the book:


IF you are a minister/pastor/any form of leader requiring you to be heavily pastoral - I strongly recommend this as a fantastic starting point!


The experimental or experiential aspect of the Christian life has been seriously neglected during the present century. Certain factors and tendencies have led to this unfortunate condition. Chief among these has been a superficial evangelism which has neglected real conviction of sin and repentance and encouraged an easy believism. Secondly, there has been a theory of sanctification, more psychological than spiritual and scriptural, which has discouraged self-examination and taught that we have only to 'leave it to the Lord.' Thirdly, and more recently, has been an unbalanced emphasis on intellectual understanding of Truth, the social application of Truth, and the manifestation of particular spiritual gifts. All this has greatly impoverished the spiritual life of both the individual Christian and the churches, and led to coldness, barrenness, and loss of power. The greatest need of the hour is a return to the emphases of the Evangelical Awakening. It is in the belief that this classic of the spiritual life and warfare can greatly stimulate and hasten that return that I encouraged my wife to translate it, and am now happy to commend it, and to advise all Christians to read it.I would particularly urge ministers and pastors to read it, not only because it will prove to be an invaluable help in what is now called counselling of individuals, but also because I would press upon them the importance of introducing such meetings into the life of their churches.

Much untold blessing would follow. - Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones


10 questions based on that - which I recommend you get at least 1 other Christian to ask you every single week. (This is something like what they do at Farm Fellowship)

  1. How is our daily Bible reading going? How are we putting the Bible into practise?
  2. How is our prayer life going? How long are we spending in prayer? What are we praying for? How have our prayers been answered?
  3. How is our holiness coming along? What sins are we aware of and how are we dealing with them? Have we confessed and forsaken them?
  4. Have we built new relationships?
  5. How have we served and loved others this week? What practical help have we given to those in need?
  6. Have we shared our story with anyone this week?
  7. Have we shared the story of Jesus with anyone this week?
  8. Who have we invited to church this week?
  9. How are we praying for the people on our Impact List? What have we done to reach the key person on our Impact List?
  10. How are we developing our particular style of reaching out to others? Are we learning new ways to serve others, explain the Bible, tell our story?

John 14:21 "Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him."

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these questions would help the spiritual vitality of any church I'm sure. I like them because they are so focussed. If you got a church doing this it would be awesome