Friday, 24 July 2009

Off with his head

continuing on my new weird notion that John the Baptist is a type of 'church'

He convicts the world of sin
He points them to the coming Seed
He preaches the same message as the seed
His is the baptism of repentance (cf. Acts 19)

He must decrease while Jesus must increase
He is the forerunner.. Christ is the destination

Isn't it then fitting that he ends his life with his head being cut off
the New Head of this body - is Christ!


Rich Owen said...

Ha ha. I like it... it think

Do we have to eat locusts though ;-)



Glen said...

Does that make him 'best man' and 'bride' all in one? (John 3:29)
I guess he's the one sent ahead of the Bridegroom, we are the ones sent after him (John 3:28). And both of us cry 'Behold the Lamb!'

yemsee said...

well aren't we the guests and bride too? =)