Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Playing on the heart-strings

Ever heard this?

I used to love the song

but actually here's an interesting point..
what Satan does in both the garden of Eden & the wilderness which Christ entered
is he's playing on the affections of the Man

He knows the Man loves the woman...
his temptations are to corrupt the woman, and via the woman, control the Man

He knows the woman is the 'weaker vessel' and easy to become a 'vessel of corruption'

but his goal is the Head-Man
and he will play on His affections for His helper-opposite
He sings to Man a twisted love song for the woman...

Christ then has to judge between His love for His Father and His love for His Bride
Satan makes it seem that there must be a choice - He can only love one, and it seems that He must lose or 'leave' the other

Christ's love for His bride then must be monumentally strong if this is even a real temptation - even after seeing 'the heart of men' for a number of decades
At Gethsemane - He longs for their to be another way... not for an opt-out clause... He really must have His Bride

Yet the Spirit continuously reminds Him that He will get His Bride if He listens to His Father - His Father also longs for them to come into a heavenly home that He has ordained and prepared for them both

The vocal chords of Satan are cut at the cross, and his fiddle goes silent... right now all he plays is some horrendous heavy-metal sounds by smashing the remainder of his wrecked stage - making lots of noise to those who think that sounds like 'music'

The harmony of the orchestra of God is continuously enriched with more and more musical instruments as each 'living stone' is added to the eternal symphony, supported by angelic back up...

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