Monday, 12 July 2010

Upward Spiral

Leithart on his post here:

So it seems that harmony in God must include some moment from dissonance to closure. Or, to put it in the paradoxical form that is probably inevitable: The Triune God is always moving toward the resolution that He has always already reached. As Robert Jenson has put it, there does seem to be room for the notion that the Spirit resolves and reconciles Father and Son, so that the Speaker and His Word are harmonized in His breadth.

i'm assuming this is about 'God's being is in His becoming' kinda stuff

but i'm wondering if this is still a 'static' view of God

why not the dynamic relationship between the Father and the Son be an 'upward spiral'
since according to Scripture sin is a 'downward spiral' - towards singularity - true lonely selfishness

then the eternal Triune God must be a constant outward expanding relationship
that overlaps itself in greater and greater proportion

this is why creation was almost 'inevitable'

and the endless ages to come - a great un-expressable joy!

so in musical terms... there is always a melody resulting in closure, yet that closure becomes the starting point for a new and greater harmony
so God is never unresolved, yet also never 'closed'

again.. i have very little idea of what i'm talking about


Paul Blackham said...

Being and Becoming. This is something that I was trying to explain to my boys this week as we were gently trying to get a handle on Greek thought. It was really hard to make these ideas clear to them from the perspective of Jesus. We have spent such a long time thinking [as best as we can] from the truth in Jesus that the Greek categories of Being and Becoming seemed so alien.

I was trying hard to speak of something being perfect yet also being 'changeless'.. and they were both looking at me with complete bewilderment. When I said that what is Becoming is either falling/decaying from something better or moving towards something better, they couldn't map it all onto the Living God.

How can perfection simply 'be'? I suppose if we accept the impasse between Heraclitus and Parmenides then we are forced to choose either being or becoming... but when the Trinity sets us free from that false choice... why should we continue to think as if we were pagan thinkers?

Isn't the Living God the perfect Being who is involved in this glorious and everlasting story - history - His Story... isn't this the really Neverending Story, the one in which a home of righteousness is being made for the Living God who has desired, since before the world began, to share the divine nature with a great and diverse family all reflecting and refracting the Glory and Life and Truth of Jesus in ever-new ways that [as yet] not even the apostle John can imagine.

yemsee said...

er.. so what do you think of upward spiral thought?

maybe you could also help me by explaining this:
"the impasse between Heraclitus and Parmenides"?

many thx