Monday, 28 February 2011

A Reluctant OT Father?

In Singapore... where so many kids are brought up by maids,

one had to wonder.. how come the OT church was brought up by the law (i.e. the nanny - cf. Galatians), instead of directly by the Father Himself?

Was He the 'too busy' parent, managing the universe, that He had no time for His own children?

Was He the 'regal monarch' (think - the king's speech) that thought this was the proper way to do things?

Actually, no - the law was given as both an act of grace and an act of judgment
the managers of the law (i.e. the nannies) were the renegade angels... beings who loved to be in charge, and had yet had a weird sense of morality (think of how dictators run a country)
the rest of the fallen angels were even more bonkers... (the ones running the other nations)

The Father handed the human race over to the nannies because He did not want to unleash His wrath upon us, He made some space for us to 'screw up' under them, and to see the folly of our ways, and also to see the coming Saviour who would reconcile us to loving Daddy (whom He sent)

More interesting lessons on Christian parenting too!

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