Monday, 14 March 2011

Evolving into what?

Coming back to the subject of evolution:

Usually the debate is between creationists and atheists..
one saying there is intelligent design (whatever that means)
and the other saying... well... not much by way of explanation really... more like the 'how' rather than the 'why'

Again, in terms of the argument - creationists usually offer up things like microevolution verses macro..
i.e. there are small changes (which Darwin recorded) and not huge jumps

But I wonder if we can think of it in another way

Let's acknowledge a process of change, micro and macro

but according to Darwin, change leads to the survival of the fittest in the changing environment
i.e. Finches have tougher beaks during drought conditions, etc..

So then, instead of looking at the evolution itself, let's look at the context of the universe
Where is the entire creation heading?

Well we know it had been subject to futility - i.e. from dust, it will ultimately return to dust
(however glamorous you may build your sandcastle in the interim)

Therefore evolution must be the adaptation of creation to a futile universe
We evolve to better 'fit in' with the status quo
(i'm pretty sure no one will deny that)

So then, each species must be evolving to better survive in a sin-filled world
So in terms of the human race, we can see this evolution taking place even in front of our eyes
(inclusive of sociological, psychological, physiological, etc evolution)

For example, I live in a society of theives that will take my belongings at every instance
thus I will evolve into a paranoid, untrusting person, changing not only my mindset, but my behaviour, my direct environment, and even perhaps the way I choose friends,
even my physical body may begin to adapt to my new lifestyle
now if my progeny continue to enter into this environment, they too will adapt in increasing measure to handle it

therefore, the evolution of this universe, especially the human race, is very real
we transform even, into new species
yet it is another expression of 'hardening of the heart'
we evolve to make ourselves comfortable and adapted into a sinful society - thinking it is the norm

Christ therefore introduces a new paradigm
He gives us a 'bigger context'
Now our evolution is in Him - we are transformed from glory into glory
While selfish Finches continue to try to gain an advantage over their long beaked counterparts
The Christian Finch continues to evolve with a longer beak - because he no longer has to forage on the ground for hard nuts, but is now evolving to drink nectar from the higher flowers

What a glorious thing therefore Christ has done - let us therefore, not continue to evolve into the monkeys we are becoming...

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