Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Theology of time

... any thoughts?

What if the "fulfilled time" (i.e. Ephesians) indicates "Time" is relational - rather than a linear definition, it is a definition of when God's plan comes to fruition. Time is not fulfilled until Jesus is pierced on the cross. Therefore, all time we spend in Christ is "fulfilled time" - and all time spent outside of Christ is wasted time - or, as Barth would imply, timelessness.

Could have wide implications of how the Holy Spirit indwells in the saints in the Old Testament and how the OT saints (i.e. how we could even call them OT Christians) could be saved, if Jesus hasn't "yet" been glorified. If time is relational, and not linear, then the OT saints very much enjoyed that time as fulfilled even before the incarnation.


yemsee said...

i'm all for relational time
time is relative to what you are doing with whom

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you there - time is quality not quantity. the OT bearing is probably key