Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Only Valid Application

The only valid application of any sermon, Bible study etc...  surely must be "Come"

The goal is to draw everyone to Jesus, constantly, again and again, by diverse ways and actions

Thus in any application my goal must be to get people to come.

If I tell them to join a cell group - it is to 'Come' into His promised presence when 2-3 gather
If I tell them to leave a sinful habit - it is to 'Come' into His arms, as they run
If I tell them to read their Bibles - it is to 'Come' daily to Him first
Even when I tell people to 'Go' (into the world) - I am telling them to 'Go' because I want them to 'Come'

Christ came to draw all men to Himself, and to the Father

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