Thursday, 2 August 2012

Use your selfishness

Here's a random thought...

We know our hearts are deceitful above all things... thus no matter how 'noble' or 'servant-hearted' we think we are, usually there are hidden motives behind it... that's just a fact.

So we should really stop trying to be 'good people', and do what the Lord does - use our sins against ourselves

Thus instead of focusing on things like how much we serve one another, or how much we love our neighbour, or what can we do for others... blah blah... We should be absolutely selfish in a desire to know Jesus for ourselves - at the expense of anyone and anything

For it is only in this 'sin-filled' pursuit, that Jesus then directs us to all the 'means' of knowing Him in our service to others.... "If you love me... Feed my sheep".

When our driving force is wanting to selfishly obtain Jesus and all His ten thousand charms for ourselves, we can be sure that Jesus will direct us to do all the things we need to do during this passing away age..

It will also make sure that we don't do the one thing that always gets in the way of our relations with others - listening (fearing) the voice of men... cos we're actually genuinely admitting we're not too interested in their praises or plans.. well not in any serious way of course

Stick with Jesus in and through our wickedness, and He will bring it all to good - and then the glory will inevitably only be His

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