Friday, 27 December 2013

Tree of knowledge

Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden?

recently listened to a rationale that since God cannot tempt - therefore the tree must not be a temptation or a 'trial' per se - but instead something good, something designed to be a blessing - inclusive of the command to do not eat

so then if everything God does is good for His people (discipline included) - then what is the 'goodness' behind the tree?

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Anonymous said...

If the tree is given out of God's goodness, then the tree of "good and evil" is representative of the covenant of works which Adam and Eve opted for when they ate of the fruit of that particular tree (i.e. they were still under the covenant of grace before that).

The tree of good and evil could also be a prototype of the tree on which Christ suffered for us - so in that sense, it is both a curse (for Christ) but a blessing for us, on which the covenant of works was finally fulfilled.

So the tree of good and evil was planted there as a symbol, to both Adam and Eve, that they cannot eat of that fruit unless they wish to drink the cup which only Christ can drink. Obviously their partaking of the fruit meant that they wished to drink Christ's cup.

There's also the issue of Adam and Eve eating of the tree merely a food good to their eyes but losing sight of the symbol of food as the living Word (c.f. eating of flesh after the flood).