Monday, 12 January 2009

Day Two - Genesis

Why was Jesus Christ baptised - and just before He started His ministry in the flesh?

Of course we have the Exodus story - baptised, then into the wilderness, then leading people into the promised land

So now if we take baptism as - my declaration of faith
that would be a bit funny for Jesus wouldn't it? only at 30??

If we take baptism as merely a sign of the gospel - well it would be for us, but I doubt it would be for Him!

So what's left?

The phrase used in baptism is - "baptised into"

So what happens... Jesus is baptised into the church,
for example:

1 Corinthians 10:1-2 I want you to know, brothers,(1 )that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, 2 and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea

So then the Israelites are baptised (i.e. separated into) Moses, and He (also baptised) becomes their representative, or stronger than that - he is their head, they are his body

So in the ordination of the High Priest - they are washed with water from the bronze laver before they put on the breast-piece (the 12 tribes), the kingly crown, the onyx shoulder pieces (sin on His shoulders), etc...

Christ separates into His people - i.e. He leaves His Father and Mother, and now He is part of the church, He is their legitimate Head - He is their High Priest in the order of the Nazerite - a different order to Levi. He now will lead His people through the wilderness successfully and bring them to the promised land

He will do this through the cross

Now backtrack to Day 2 in Genesis 1
the only day that has nothing that 'God saw it was good' in it

So day one - the light shines in the darkness - in the midst of the waters of death and judgement

Day two - the word is stretched out - or rather stretched out and beaten out the expanse - now we have 2 water divisions - one under the THIRD heaven (throne room) and one below

So then Christ will separate out from the waters above and we will separate out from the waters below to create a new life - the THIRD WAY - where God and Man will dwell together - the new life - through the cross, where He is beaten and stretched out - suspended above heaven and earth

So then in the new creation - this time the division is by fire - all will be baptised by fire, first Christ, then His people - and live a new life in the new 'Expanse' - the new way - He will draw in from the heavens His FAther to live this new life, and from the seas of judgement He has called and fished His people out to live with Him

All the rest will remain in the fires of judgement, the outer darkness, cast away both rebellious angels and men alike...

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