Sunday, 11 May 2008

few curious questions

1. the back-to-jerusalem movements? (FYI, the whole focus on getting the gospel back to jerusalem)

2. leaving church because of 'poor' teaching? (all-round disagreeable teachings which do not edify jesus 'sufficiently')

3. the nature of our new bodies post-new creation of heavens and earth? (as dev says... we will not be androgynous)

these were just a few on the top of my head... please discuss.


yemsee said...

1. i'm only interested in the heavenly Jerusalem - as were the OT saints!

2. well.. this one maybe if you were a struggling new Christian starved for input, otherwise I'd probably stay and use it as a mission field

3. Like Jesus =)

Glen said...

on 1 - I've been preaching through the latter half of Rev recently. Seems to me that Babylon the Great is Jerusalem. That (17:5) she rode the beast (which was incarnated in 1st century as Rome) but was then destroyed by the beast (17:16f). AD70 is important as judgement begins at the house of God (1 Pet 4:17) and Jerusalem/Babylon's destruction is judgement day in miniature (see how the two events are woven together in Matt 24 (see Luke 21 parallel)). But what it means is that the earthly Jerusalem is not a stepping stone to the heavenly one. In fact it is Babylon. The very highest and best earthly counterpart of heavenly Zion is not the LORD's bride as it should be but a Christian-killing whore. So the earthly Jerusalem does continue to have some significance into the NT. But that significance is that it's judged as the very epitome of evil! The answer is not to go back to it. The answer is to come out! (Rev 18:4)