Monday, 5 January 2009


Finally finished a short commentary on Revelation (<30000 words)
missing a few pieces but it's more or less done
borrowed a dozen quotes from Glen's series though!

Available upon request =)


caro said...

i request! thanks!

Jacky said...


Anonymous said...

i also request :)
- kwanie

Glen said...

I too request. (With royalties of course)

yemsee said...

all sent
royalties are in footnotes =)

vatoben said...

Request please Dev!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the commentary. I haven't actually read it yet but Marcus really recommended me to. I like your take on the Day of the Lord, when the Vater will wrap up history because the church doesn't bring any more fruit. Makes a lot of sense to me.
by the way I don't seem to be able to get a google translation widget into my blog... you have to do it manually.
Grace and peace be with you!
in Christ

Jeff Jacobson said...

Hi Dev,

I have had your commentary recommended to me, i'm a youth worker in england and have just started reading revelation with some guys in my youth, and thought your thoughts could be really helpful. could i please havea copy.


yemsee said...

hi Jeff

how did you find out?

send me your email address then

Jeff Jacobson said...

hey dev,

marcus nelson and matthais muller have passed it on to me. my email address is:

jwjacobson (at) gmail (dot) com