Monday, 2 February 2009


How's this for fun Christian science:

Laminin is a protein found in the extracellular matrix, the sheets of protein that form the substrate of all internal organs also called the basement membrane. It is the major non-collagenous component of the basal lamina, such as those on which cells of an epithelium sit.[1] It has four arms that can bind to four other molecules. The three shorter arms are particularly good at binding to other laminin molecules, which is what makes it so great at forming sheets. The long arm is capable of binding to cells, which helps anchor the actual organs to the membrane.

Laminin is vital to making sure overall body structures hold together.


J and C @ Q1NGHA1 said...

love this.

i forgot where i read this, but i think that in timaeus, plato believed the universe to be in the shape of a cross.. and siddartha gautama in a vision saw the universe in the shape of a windmill cross, hence the buddhist symbol that is altered by the nazis

chr-st-@n cosmology perhaps?

TEMPLE said...

I just found this!

However, have you considered the possibility that it is an inverted cross?

lonomoholo said...

I am curious...why didi you delete my pervious comment? Is it because you are afraid to engage in a proper debate about your (ridiculous) assertion about laminin, etc? My point was that Christians will grasp at any straw to support their entirely unsubstatiated belief that Jesus was of supernatural providence, or that he even existed. Your support comes entirely from a book of often contradictory and demosntrably false stories written by a collection of authors decades after the purported events therein occurred. Said book is clearly mysogynist, supports lsavery as well as cruel and unusual punishment for percieved 'sins' such as adultery. Many Christians actually believe that God wrought his image on tortillas and grilled cheese sandwhiches and then go so far as to proclaim these to be miracles. I once saw a cheese doodle that lookes remarkably like Richard Nixon in profile. I do not believe that it was somehow created by a ghoslty Nixon, or by god for that matter. The human brain has evolved in such a way as to actively search for patterns, even where none exist. How you can believe that the resemblance of a laminin molecule to a cross equates to proof of God is really a head scratcher. Further, a quick serach of actual images of laminin, not schematics, will quickly show that laminin is not cross-like at all as it is variable and malleable. It is not regular or homogeneous in its shape. In fact, the micrographs you posted bear this out. If those are crosses, I'm King Herod. However, let me give you a bit more support for your delusion. THe DNA molecule is roughly spiral in shape...Jesus was a carpenter as I recall...carpenters make spiral staircases...TAH DAH!

I suspect you will delete this also, but that does not surprise me. I surely hope you will address my points but am not holding my breath.

Well, got some sinnin' to do...

yemsee said...

as you said.. you've got some sinning to do...

lonomoholo said...

Ah Yemsee

Once again sarcasm is lost on the humourless, self-righteous zealot.

Do you have anything of substance to offer other than that limp comeback?

BTW, moderator, I applaud your decision to leave my comment up. I hope it creates some discussion.

TEMPLE said...

What's strange to me is that Lonomoholo's first comment was deleted, while mine remained. Isn't the possibility that we are made of the stuff of Satan (i.e., laminin is in the shape of an inverted cross rather than a cross) not more deeply offensive to a Christian than just being called stupid? Are there any Christians reading this that can substantiate the assumption that the "cross" shape of laminin is oriented in a "holy" manner rather than an "unholy" one?

By the way, the first laminin on the second row looks more like a giraffe to me than a cross...perhaps it is the unholy Giraffe of Satan!


Anonymous said...

i find it great that you are expressing your own opinions but why in such cruel manors i do agree that we as christians try to find every reason for christianity to be right and yes some are quite crazy but why torment us for it? what does it have to do with your life? i respect your opinions anyone who has the brain to find such deliberate and quite understandable contradictions but why be so rude as to say the things you did? it is alright to question not be an ass whole. i am 15 and i know right from wrong how old are you two gentlemen?? nice set for example. act like you are human and have some compassion for people and this country which is the landmark for christianity and catholics if you dont like it get the hell out, have some respect.

Anonymous said...

well said sir
btw in the bible ,ya know the book you guys were runnin your mouths about cause you have absoloutely nothing better to do, yeah in the BIBLE god said that he will pull us through anything thing and HOLD US TOGETHER and the fact that the cells that hold our bodies together are in fact in the shape of a cross ,lets me know that what he said is very true
you have obviously not felt what us christians have felt from jesus and im very sorry for that but we hope one day you will btw why is it that in the very center of the whirlpool galaxy there is a black hole and in the very center of it THE PERFECT IMAGE OF A CROSS!! explain that smartass

Anonymous said...

well. this is how it is. for you ppl who havent experienced nothing about God, i understand that for you it doesnt matter. But if you have a relationship with God and have notice that he is real thru prayer, well then the story changes. Then you think, maybe he also left a trace somewhere. I do not agree that every thing that looks like christ is from christ. that would be not likely. But it doesnt rule out the posibility that God when, if you belive so, created the universe and the cells did leave a mark. Its possible. If you have been convinced God truly is real(wich is totaly up to your own experience of supernatural happenings you have encounter, God is supernatural if anything) then you can interpret nature, and see the greatness of God by looking at the great space in universe, or maybe at this lamenin protein. Thats my point of view.

Marcus S

ajones said...

Posters here are right to point out that that the shape that the Laminin molecule can be drawn in a diagram- or for that matter shapes seen in Galaxies or grilled cheese sandwiches means nothing, and tells us nothing about the existence of any creator God. These have been picked up by some enthusiastic evangelistic speakers- who none the less don’t deserve to be shot-down so rudely & aggressively. No thinking scientist or Theologian would argue that there is any evidence or meaning here.
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater however! There is plenty of evidence for a Creator God. The fact of the existence of matter, atoms and molecules, including but not limited to the stuff of life itself, the amazingly intricate DNA molecule. Our science and technology have brought us amazing insights into the “How” question, scientific methodology have revealed the beautiful and intricate principles that lie within our world. We can understand these with our minds, given enough effort and study. But think about it... why should the universe be understandable, why should something burst from nothing in a big bang at the beginning of time?
One answer- and I’ll nail my colours to the mast here and say I see it as the most compelling, is that the laws of physics, and the processes that shape our bodies and minds were created by God, were designed. We are made in the image of God, and exist in a Cosmos that he fashioned. That’s why we can understand it- and use that understanding.
Yes there are other answers offered: All matter and energy burst into existence from nothing, expanding from a zero sized singularity. It just happens that the part of the Cosmos we live in is conducive to life, study and exploration. Life occurred spontaneously, arising from the laws of physics (don’t laws need an agent?) The atoms, molecules and cells in your brain evolved thanks to natural selection from chance events and, incredibly luckily this random bag of cells finds it can understand the “laws” behind it’s own origin!.
I’m familiar with the anthropic principle, all this is observable just because we are here to observe it.
Make a choice guys; Are you going to extend scientific methodology to make it your religion? Are you going to make naturism your religion – chance and nature, over lots of time, fashioned our bodies & a world that we can understand? Or are you going to free your minds and join scientists like James C Maxwell, Francis Crick, John C Lennox, and thousands more and realise that science has reviled the “language of God” all around us?
Open your eyes The computer that is serving this web-page was intelligently designed and runs an operating system that was designed – functioning to a set of laws that were designed (thanks Sir Tim Berners-Lee!) to carry understandable information just to show all this to you.
Laminin looks like a cross- that IS meaningless chance- but is every molecule in your brain meaningless? Does the fact that science has had huge success in revealing intelligibility of Creation provide any clue. We now know a huge amount about matter, molecules and the universe we are part of- I think that’s the best evidence for a Creator God than anything else written here.

Karen N said...

To the 15 year old anonymous, I fear that you have been subjected to inferior Christian schooling for your education. I was forced through Catholic schooling from Kindergarten through college. It was much to my intellectual detriment. However, at fifteen I knew when to use the word "manner" rather than "manor" and I knew that the founding fathers, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and later on, Abraham Lincoln were atheists who would instigate a revolution if they saw the Christian idiocy that dominates our government today. Try reading some books other than the Bible. You have a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

the Bible is so true that it even prophesied about the advancement of the knowledge and technology of the people that it lead them to the disbelief of the sovereignty of the holy God. We are living in the last days..all the incidents that happen, including all those natural calamities, hunger, pestilence, poverty, war of nations against nations are not just merely coincidences that was even prophesied 400 years ago before Jesus came. This is not to project fear to everybody but I think there's no other reason to prolong the wait for the second coming of the Lord. When that time comes, I just hope that we are all ready to face before our Creator, blameless and spotless before Him, that is being righteous. And that never blame anybody who didn't told you that God is real and serious about you. because all the truth is not hidden from you, it's your personal choice to negate it or accept it. Arguing about this issue is useless, instead, as Christians we would preferably invest our time for our eternity rather than debating about the existence of God which is really undebatable. Yes, knowledge could take you anywhere, but where does that anywhere take you? Would it even give you satisfaction? Yes maybe at some point, but it is not an assurance that it would bring you unexplainable and unending joy. Most of the people nowadays invest their time and money on things that are only temporary without even considering their spirituality. As human, we also have our own spirit which is our soul. Why not take time to ponder about it. Remember, God without man, is still God, but man without God is nothing. With this I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

And how about this, the human body is made of at the molecular level Carbon. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electron carbon.