Saturday, 28 February 2009

Lessons from a baby...

What can you learn by having a child?

1. How the Father/Son/Spirit life is forever changed
2. How they are focused entirely on us
3. How they bring us into the Family
4. They long to do mature stuff with us - to enjoy us in a different way

1. Baby (new Christian) must eat - a lot
2. Baby must eat regularly
3. Baby must eat only milk from Mummy
4. Baby must join your family - will die on his own
5. You need to clean up after baby - all the time
6. Baby brings great joy - but not very exciting. Daddy longs for baby to grow up to have a different mature kind of relationships
7. Baby not very useful - needs to grow up to be useful
8. Baby does not know how to do things with new life - must be taught
9. Baby does not know how to relate to Daddy very well
10. Baby always sleepy - needs to wake up. Baby loves the darkness too much - must learn to live in the Light
11. Baby needs Daddy & Mummy ALL the time
12. Baby can learn from Older Brother

other stuff
1. Babies don't get a lot done - 1 adult (mature Christian) can change the whole world - vs 10,000,000 babies
2. Most Christians are babies and don't want to grow up

Doesn't that have tremendous implications on how we do discipleship??

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