Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Don't eat the trees in the wilderness...

Adam and Eve were hypnotised by the one tree that they were not allowed to eat from
the tree of independence, of god-vs-God-hood, the tree that was cut off from the rest of the garden of paradise

We now have our way opened to the once restricted tree of life
All the other trees are now poison, they are the vines that grow in the wilderness,
only sour wine is in their gourds

Brothers, only eat from the One true Vine
the rest is death in the pot...
can you not already feel the weariness, weakness and sickness of their effects?
do not be deceived

the serpent this time is around all the other trees whispering in our ears

Be fascinated with Christ only
eat only from 1 source
the rest are filled with the yeast of death

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