Monday, 4 May 2009

Project Abraham (2)

Visit to Project Abraham @ Tarleton Farm Fellowship for the weekend!

Podcast Videos


always a most glorious & encouraging time!


Abraham Jude said...

I have follwowed the progress of the So Called Abraham Project with great anticipation and wondrous expectancy, sadly to no avail.
All I see is a waffling theolgian with poor comunication skills. This man could not give away an Ice-cream to a man in the hot parched desert.
Then we have the so called selling off of "STUFF" only four DVDs on Ebay. tut tut! 4 DVD's?????????? "The Lord must really be in this as it happened so quickley"
The same theo man snoring on a Pod cast.
A young man telling us what a library is! Great Scot! thanks for that, now I know what a library is.
Living in tents?????????????????
One could proceed in to a huge list of faults as we the viewing Christian public see your attempt at something.???? No-one out here knows what! Apart from making Christians look daft. Do not take that as a compliment!!!!!!!!!!
The best one was this morning
Podcast from the big guy in a Tee Shirt. Quote! "The world, will not be judged according to genetics or nationality but accoring to the "Way of the glorious Lord Jesus" end quote. What does this mean?
It looks like, as you Abrahamists are spouting.
Sell your unwanted rubbish,
sleep in a tent for a few weeks,
put some rubbish podcasts on the internet. Anyone who isn't doing this is going to hell.
Just what exactly are you trying to prove, achieve, accomplish, endeavour to accomplish etc...........?

"The way of Jesus" A life-style???
Not Repentance!!!!!!!!!!????
Not Born again????????????
Not Salvation through the shed blood of the living Lord Jesus Christ???????????

yemsee said...

thank you for your interesting comments
why don't you listen to the rest of the sermons at his website before you continue to speak?
it may be quite prudent for you to do so

Abraham Jude said...

It is not the farm fellowship serons etc in question

Abraham Jude said...

sermons I meant

yemsee said...

i know
but he is the same theologian
if you are not satisfied there
there are dozens of his sermons at
maybe then you will understand his rationale for doing this
perhaps you want to read thewayofjesus website rationale webpage too
i also suggest you visit the church in Tarleton - then i am confident you will be pleasantly surprised

phil-413 said...

At last I have found a comments page for your Abraham Project.
I have been following this rather unusual event for some time now wandering what are the aims of such podcasting and teaching.
Where is Tarleton?
Are you an Anglican church? I guess so with your web links.
Or are you free church, Evangelical, main church plant?
Do we have to live in a tent to realise the need to help others, or should this desire be a natural response in our hearts as a true born again beliver.
What audience are you directing this project / challenge?
Are you actually LIVING in your heated tents or just SLEEPING in them and living in your house?
As a keen camper, most of my family vacations involve living in a tent, paying for a beautiful site and taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy God's wonderfull handywork, whatever the weather.
We don't and never could compare ourselves to the wreatched conditions of the refugee camps... re:5-5-09 podcast.
On your original statement you challenged or said that some of your group would sell ALL their pocessions in order to 'follow Jesus'. I am afraid I am unable to find any biblical back up for this.
However, I am pleased to see you have removed the statement and now have posted the 'thinking it through' page. I trust no one carried out your first statement / challenge.
I appologise if I have offended you with my points, but questions have to be asked these days especially with the growth of various 'new ways' and the expansion of The Emerging Church.
What is your statement of faith? You do not seem to have one on your site.

Philip Dempster. Ca.

yemsee said...

Hi Phil
i think you are slightly mistaken
I am not part of Tarleton church, which is in Preston, UK
they are friends of mine which I think are running an awesome church and Project Abraham is merely a personal church project that they are running to focus their lives on the temporal nature of the Christian in this world. Some of them are living in tents, some are sleeping. Some for a week, some for a month. Some sell almost everything they have, some just the excesses of their possessions. It is all voluntary.
If you would like to ask them questions why not do it directly?
It seems a bit strange asking me since I only visited them for 2 days. Although I love them very much and do wish to emulate their example.
If you want their statement of faith and their sermons go to

phil-413 said...

Thanks Yemsee.
Sorry about the mix up. I thought this site was run by the Abraham project. I've found the site you gave me. I'll use their comments page in the future. No statement of faith on site though.
Thanks again,

jacky said...

re phil:

here's the statement of faith which you're looking for...

Abraham Jude said...

It gets worse.
Podcast wise
Now we have the manager of Hull City singing a Beach Boys Song?????????????
I am missing something here?
What has this to do with Christianty or anything for that matter.