Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Church Dynamics

After reading Glen's post here:
(of which I've had a similar experience)

and listening to his sermon here:

Thinking again on how the church should be in the world...

I've come to the current conclusion of the dynamic relationship:

That is... the church or Christian home needs to be a place of pure godliness, without compromise - i.e. full of love, and no selfishness
i.e. a place of Sabbath rest

The world will always be the world - and we are not asked to change the world, but instead, bring people into the church

Thus the dynamics of the people is a constant back and forth from the "Sabbath-rest of the church" i.e. sinless Christian fellowship - to the "toilsome work of the world"
- constant progression back and forth between these 2 - especially on daily basis
is the best way of witness
- it is the dynamics of the Father and the Son
- it is also our own dynamics of our relationship with Him

Therefore - do not compromise the church, and do not make it a place of 'toilsome work'
Therefore also do not try to change the world - but go there as someone part of the church to bring people back with you

we are to 'Catch up' people into the fellowship of the church, which itself is 'caught up' into the fellowship of the Living God


Glen said...

Dat be an old sermon. Let the record state I was forced to make all those Matrix illustrations. The church I was at had a Matrix week (!) and this was the Sunday service.

I like this stuff on Rest vs toil - where's it coming from? Doing some thinking on Sabbath huh?

yemsee said...

no not really
more on being annoyed about the a lot of weird 'marketplace theology'