Friday, 14 May 2010

Sovereignty of God

Can we come to a more Christological understanding of the sovereignty of God?

very often our view is more tyrannical - basically Satan's idea of the god that has to dictate otherwise he's not really in control
Yet Jesus view on the Sovereignty of God - is therefore you should pray more

If anyone ever writes about God as Sovereign
he is already on the wrong track if he does not start with "God is Father"
for in our understanding of how God foreknows, ordains, predestines, guides, provides, etc... must be because He is our Father

God is our Father, therefore He knows what we are going to do
He knows what is good for us and will plan - intimately so (not just from a distance)
what is good for His children - only doing things (whether pleasant or painful) for the good of His children

How do we know? we look at Jesus
We see His trust in His Father, we see His example of how His Father deals with Him, foreknowing and telling Him what He would do, enabling Him to do it, encouraging Him to trust Him by praying to Him and reading His Word, predestining where He will go if He remains in Him, etc...

In that sense I wonder if this doctrine is not "too" hard to think about?
it's only when we get quite philosophical (usually implying non-relational and abstract) that it is very hard to see

God is my Father, so I trust in Him
He knew me before I was born - in Christ
He knows me now, through and through - in Christ
He knows and is ordaining what will happen to me - in Christ
He knows what will happen to me if I am against Christ
He even goes out of His way to plan things that will happen to me when I was 'spiritually out' of Christ - so that I may come to Christ - through Christ and those who are in Christ, and through the creation and running of the world - which is in Christ

And obviously... all this through His Spirit whom He sends

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