Saturday, 5 June 2010

Images of Divine Things

From Jonathan Edwards - Vol 11:

108. Bread-corn is much used in Scripture to represent the saints. The wicked are represented by the clusters of the vine, but the godly by bread-corn. They are called Christ's wheat, that he will gather into his barn and into his garner, and we are all said to be that one bread. Now this is remarkable of wheat and other bread-corn: that it is sown and grows before winter, and then is as it were killed, and long lies dead in the winter season, and then revives in the spring and grows much taller than before, and comes to perfection and brings forth fruit; which is a lively image of the resurrection of saints... Therefore 'tis said of Israel, Hos 4:17, "They shall revive as the corn". The reviving of the church after a low state and time of trouble is compared to the reviving of corn from under the earth in the spring in Is 37:30-31.

120. Tongue. God hath fixed to it a natural bridle and fenced it in with a strong wall as it were, even the double row of teeth, to intimate how it ought to be restrained and strongly guarded.

198. As the silkworm, so the bee seems to be designated as a type of Christ who, having spent his life with ingathering with the greatest labor and industry, and laying up in store the most delicious food, having completed his work, is killed; and by his death yields his stores for the refreshment and delight of his murderers.

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