Sunday, 13 June 2010

Throwing out stones

Here is yet another post on creation vs new creation...

The old house (tent) or temple is not going to stand - "not one stone will remain"

This temple was ruined from the beginning, and is destined to fall
the Law props it up... little sticks to prevent it from collapsing on itself

then an 'oddly shaped stone' is removed - since it is thought to be the cause of the problem

that stone is found to be Christ - which was all that was keeping the ruin from total destruction - then that old house is destined for collapsing, and does so at increasing rate and intensity

the odd stone, becomes the cornerstone of the new house

one by one, the old house-makers (the fallen angels) in charge of the house and the ones that set up the Law-beams try to get rid off more corrupt stones

they throw them out to the Odd stone - which they stack up beautifully in this new dynamic house that moves - it is a Living House - not something stagnant

The old house finally runs out of odd stones, and collapses, being cast into the eternal rubbish heap

the new house is incredible, and is sealed with fire - the black stones turn into diamond, wonderfully reflecting the light of the White stone, the Cornerstone, constantly flowing (modern architecture is barely catching up to this), brilliant, and full of life

The Father enters His House, handed back to Him by the cornerstone, and what a house it is... for all eternity

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