Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Core 'Function' of Prayer

What is the purpose of prayer?

the more I go through the Lord's prayer...
the more i wonder

I look at my son...
I realistically don't NEED him to talk to me...
in fact - things are much simpler when he does NOT talk to me..
i.e. no crying, no arguing, no talking back, etc.

If I am an experienced father, with 100s of children
I would not need to hear him speak
I would immediately 'know his thoughts'
just by looking at his actions and the time, etc..
I could tell if he was hungry, thirsty, sleepy, needed to go to the loo, sick, etc..

I could pre-empt and satisfy every one of his physical needs

so why talk?

The only reason is the answer to question 1 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism

So that I can enjoy him... and him me...

Prayer - conversation with God - teaches us how to come into enjoyment with Him
Beyond anything else - surely this is the point

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