Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bringing in the Dove

The story of Jonah...

listen to Keller here:
(he's basically paralleling Jonah to Romans 1-11)

then listen to Glen here:

Now then.. Jonah the idolater amongst idolaters

Bring it back to Jesus and the context:

Matthew 12:22-45
- the demon casting
- the accusative Pharisees
- the sign of Jonah
- the evil generation that will be accused by Nineveh and Ethiopia

Make sense now?
Jonah is from an evil generation church heading to an evil generation pagan nation
Jonah's condition is the same as that of the Pharisees
Yet it is the sinners who will accuse the religious

The warning of Jesus in Matt 11 - is the most stern..

The focal point of Jonah : "Salvation belongs to the Lord"
Grace or Sheol

Jesus brings the idol out of Jonah - chp 4
Jesus brings the demons to light to the Pharisees

True grace forces out the idols - who cannot match the Living God
they do not save

Jonah.. learn the lesson - God has come in peace to the wicked
you are also in the same boat in the storm - Christ is asleep on the cushion - rouse Him and He will save

now go and save others... i release you to bring the olive branch to where?
Go back to Israel - save the church
that's why I took you out to Nineveh

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