Friday, 5 November 2010

Salvation (2)

here's another thing i've been thinking about

we tend to debate the Sovereign God vs Free Will

but realistically - one can only have Free Will if you have a Sovereign God
it is when we work 'outside' the will of God (i.e. outside of Christ) - you are  a slave,
for all your actions are controlled by a tyrant
so you are a puppet

this is not impaired free will - but total predictability of actions - based on the nature of the slave-driver

When we are under the total control of God - initiated by His saving grace,
then we are free - free to choose, free to act, free to love, free to serve, free to make legitimate choices

i think the early NT church understood this -  especially some of the early Fathers..

so there is no tension - but it is a logical conclusion

and it happens in our families too
only when we know the total security and safety of our father, husband etc..
are we not then free?
if we are not secure, we are predictable, enslaved, controlled - and we can diagnose with pinpoint accuracy what actions we will take based on our situation
(which has many pastoral implications)

Come to the Son, let Him save you, then you are free indeed... that is the truth


dave bish said...

How did the early church father's understand it? Can you give us some quotes & references?

yemsee said...

getting there

this was through my church history lectures...

hoping to read the primary sources soon