Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Salvation (3)

Regarding the post below...

Think about it this way..

If you are a father, are you not in someways almost totally in control of your children?

therefore if you are a good father - do you not cultivate freedom in your children to be who they should be

How much more then how Father, who will set us free to be who He made us to be
"love God and do whatever you want"

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Tim Chester etc.. all talk about the person who must be free to be a person

The orphan is forced to live a stereotypical orphan life - and we can predict his behaviour - selfishness, greed, cynicism, etc..

The child is free to do anything... anything within the love and power of his Father


Paul Blackham said...

Brilliant point.

Yes, the control and rule of the Father provides the secure context in which we can be free. Freedom happens only within the love and power of the Father.

The Son of Man sets us free... and He is Himself completely free... and yet He refuses to step outside the will of His Father. The Spirit of life, who gives life or vitality to all things, is sent by the Father and the Son.

The Sovereign Father is the foundation of all freedom.

yemsee said...

Thanks Paul

Do you know any direct quotes from the early NT church to support this understanding?

according to my church history lecturer - he said this concept was quite generally understood - hence the lack of sovereignty vs free will debates

Paul Blackham said...

If I can find anything I'll post it to you. I'm a little tied up at the moment with the Jesus Talks and weekends away.

I love your deep thoughts. Are you managing to read your way through the church fathers? They would greatly encourage you.

yemsee said...

no hurry at all

i've read only Justin in detail so far - and fragments elsewhere

end of the year i hope to do Irenaeus

right now on Bonhoeffer's Life Together