Sunday, 12 December 2010

Infant Baptism

Just did a briefing on infant baptism today

i would actually argue that not baptising a child born in a Christian (or semi-Christian) home - is tantamount to making him think that he must earn his salvation

would even go further and say that anything except raising him up with the full assurance that his Father loves him as a true child of God will cause him to backslide

though i am happy for the child to as many times as he wants - affirm and reaffirm his faith and trust in the Father seeing his own failings

i wonder if this is the problem we put on '2nd generation' Christians - we bring them up with an inherent lack of assurance

and i suspect that this is motivated by our own pride at what 'we've accomplished' as Christians ourselves (think of the disciples preventing many from coming to Christ)

to my own children i hope to always tell them - you are children of God - 100% true... you never have to doubt this... but He would love to hear you affirm it everyday


Alan - JMU Student said...

Infant Baptism has no real Biblical background. If you're looking into baptism isn't it important to know what the purpose of baptism is. Baptism is not a ritual that affirms that you love God or anything of those likes. Baptism is for the church body. The act of baptism affirms to fellow believers that you are of Christ, and have accepted him into your life. Baptism only needs to be performed once, and this is because you have accepted Christ into your life and are now showing the Christian community of this choice. God does love to hear you affirm that you know you're a child of God and he's a part of your life, that is the purpose of prayer and living a Biblical life.
Salvation is not something to be earned, and salvation has nothing to do with the act of baptism. Baptism shows that you have received salvation through Christ, and salvation is not earned but requested and granted when in pure heart.

yemsee said...

Alan - due to the history of the debate i'm sure if you read it up you'll find there is plenty of Biblical evidence

you say salvation is not something to be earned - but then you say it's granted when you are 'pure in heart'

so doesn't that imply you have to be pure in heart to 'earn' salvation?

as far as i know - salvation was never requested - Christ died for us while we were yet enemies - no one ever sought God - no not one