Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Planning for Leviticus

Help! I know it's only Christmas, but of course even as we think about the birth of Jesus, His death is not far from our minds! So, our church is already planning for Easter and I've been given a 5-week series on Leviticus. I've got some ideas but any suggestions will be very helpful, especially with titles, since we'll be printing term cards soon and I'm sure I'll be asked for them. Am struggling for catchier titles. But here's what I got so far...

Overall Series Title: Lent with Jesus in Leviticus

Exodus 40: Building Blocks (aim is to have tabernacle as the context, with Leviticus showing us what must take place for man to enter into the Most Holy Place)

Leviticus 1-7: Jesus: Our All-Sufficient Sacrifice

Leviticus 8-10: Jesus: Our Great High Priest

Leviticus 16: Jesus: Our Man in Heaven

Leviticus 23: Jesus: Our Reason to Celebrate / Our Cause for Joy[ful Celebration] / Our Joy

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