Friday, 2 September 2011

A sermon on Proverbs

Not sure how this went down, but from whatever comments I had, it didn't seem to 'do much' for people. So comments very much appreciated. It's not sleek public speaking as I'm trying to preach without a script - finally taking Prentice's advice - but really just want to know if the gospel was presented. Getting a bit disheartened by not much happening through sermons.

By the way, how do you put a link in a post that you can click on to take you to another site or sermon etc?


dave bish said...

you need to code as

< a href = " " >A sermon on proverbs< / a >

but without the spaces in the codey bits.

I'll have a listen.

dave bish said...

Your introduction is very texty - assuming Proverbs intrigues people as much as it evidently does you.

I wonder if coming in with the riddles thing could have worked better, or talking about what's wrong with the world, or how we experience desire and seduction etc. A strong introduction on how Steph or something else (not a woman) you love in life seduced you might have really had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Your content is but I don't know if you got people asking the questions you want them to ask...

I'd love to see your content put through something like Andy Stanley's Communicating for Change approach to engaging with people...

Simulator said...

Points taken and gratefully accepted. What would you say were the questions I was trying to get people to ask? Do you think they were the right ones to ask?
Also, until recently, I would use personal examples, but then I am beginning to wonder if they'll simply be quite trite ones unless I really expose myself in public?
Oh... another thought... did the sermon offer Jesus to people? I guess more than anything, that's what I worry about most.
For the very near future - i.e. this Sunday - any tips on Proverbs 8-9 (all or some of it) with the sermon title being "The Choice We All Face"?

dave bish said...

I wasn't quite sure what questions you were shooting at in this one - though you ended with the seduction and so I'm guessing that was your main hope. And yes, I think you did offer Jesus though I think the opening interesting proverbs stuff might have meant some tuned out before you got there.

When I did Proverbs 8-9 this was what I did The Man Who Know. Can't promise its a great example but if its useful!

Personal is hard - but I think we have to be prepared to bare our hearts to people - the position of preacher already makes us seem distant enough.