Wednesday, 21 September 2011


My new definition of Work

Work is to produce life

Thus sinful work only works for the self and is ultimately futile

God's work is to produce life in others, for we already have life in self - we are to create an Eden for others (despite it costing us dearly)

In this way - we testify to our Working, Resting God
Who longs to live in the Eden He made for us, with us

is that a complete enough definition?


Rich Owen said...

Work isn't just producing/giving life, but sustaining it too and witnessing to its source.

The gospel is always Christ working for us and in us and us simply receiving that work and witnessing to it. That is what the Spirit does in us. Giving us Christ, filling us up with His life the fruit is witness, communion with Christ, Christlikeness etc.

Christ worked the garden for his friends, so that they wouldn't have to work. Adam and Eve simply were to receive that which the Father provided by the hand of his Son. In 6 days of creation and in planting Eden, Christ was working so that He could rest with his new brother and sister so that life and salvation are freely given, flowing from his hand to them by the Spirit. It is His delight to give them life and sustain their life from his own hand, just as He receives his life from the Father and is sustained by the Father's life.

The work of humanity only appeared after the fall. In fact, one could argue that the fall itself was when humans started work. Adam and Eve refusing the free grace of Christ and the bountiful provision of the Father and taking instead for themselves - grieving the Spirit - working for their own life/salvation when they should have simply received the work and life of Christ.

So, I'm uneasy about "we are to create an Eden for others". It could be easily hijacked.

Eden creation has to be Spirit filled, gospel word proclaiming life creation and receiving. Giving and sustaining life just as Jesus does, but not without Jesus.

I'm not sure I'm saying anything you aren't... helpful just to interact with your post

yemsee said...

thanks Rich - yup i know it needs a lot of filling out

but i wanted something broad enough to cover both work and rest