Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Christ - the God Man

Glen's doing a great series on creation and new creation here:

Here's a practical application for this kind of theology:

How do you do ministry ?

1. You become exactly like them in every way (except sin)
2. You lose nothing of yourself
3. You make them become exactly like you were and now are in every way (by bearing their sin - which is the reason you'll suffer)
4. You live in one-ness with them for eternity - in the 'new' way (which is the same as the old way, but different) - the third way



Rich Owen said...

That is wonderful, Dev. Thank you. The temptation in ministry is to shun number 3. We want to push off their sin, we don't want to bear it. We either hide it, ignore it or cast it into darkness. It's hard to choose the cross. Please pray for ministers!

However, Jesus' yolk is easy and his burden is light because the government is on his shoulders, not ours.

My call to bear the sins of my congregation is I guess a call to carry them as far as the cross. Carry them to the cross - this is why the burden is light.

In Him


yemsee said...

yea.. tell me about it...
thanks Rich