Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The 'Practicality' of Sonship

In these uncertain times (which Jesus promised) we can very often turn gospel living into a very, what we call, practical lifestyle

Make sure we have a stable job, steady income, homes to live in etc..
The argument is that the gospel of Jesus Christ involves being 'practical'

While the statement is true, practicality in Jesus's eyes is far from worldly
As He says 'Do not worry what to eat or what to wear - your Father provides these things'

Imagine your own children keeping raw ingredients from your fridge under their beds - telling you that they want to store it up because their not sure where their next meal is coming from
or 10 year olds going to get a job because they don't know if you can provide for them
other than having no 'faith' in you, it is an act of mistrust

The practical child simply turns up for breakfast every morning
the practical child always trusts that his good parents will provide all his needs
The practical child is at peace because of this

the 'storing-working' child - is nothing but an orphan

We have a Father in heaven
Christ has shown us how to be His children
We glorify Christ by living the God-Child life
Since He then becomes the First of many brothers and sisters - with one heavenly Father

Hallelujah! not as orphans
Are we left in sorrow now
Shall our hearts forget His promise
'I am with you ever more'


caro said...

love this... :)

Gav said...

Thanks Dev

A big help to me right now.



yemsee said...

glad to hear it Gav
God bless

haven't heard from you in ages caro!