Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Marriage & Relationships

Gave a 1 hour talk on this subject based on 1 Cor 7
tried to base it on the Trinity as well

it's a really tough chapter - but Glen says it's not absolutely heretical
so here it is =) relationships talk - Dev Menon.mp3

oh it's quite big btw - >27MB

thanks Jacky for this paper too:


Glen said...

You sure that link works?

yemsee said...

seems to work for me
and there have been 6 downloads so far.. so must be ok

Anonymous said...

thanks Dev and Glen - will have to make it a priority when i get a spare hour. where did you deliver it.


yemsee said...

Hey Will
it was at overseas Christian fellowship - a group of mainly Singaporeans and Malaysians that meet friday night in university of London