Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bribery & Corruption

There's a new book in Asia by the Methodist Bishop of Malaysia..

Bribery & Corruption in the Marketplace

in Asia, where corruption is 'unhidden' - as compared to the West where it is all dressed up and nice - what does a Christian in the workplace do?

2 things he says to avoid:
1. withdrawing from the world
2. dualism of church vs marketplace

he proposes an incarnational ministry - where we identify with the world, remain in the world, be distinct from the world for the sake of transforming the world

he distinguishes between active corruption - which every Christian must avoid
and passive acceptance of corruption - where we must try to avoid

using examples like Jesus/John did not ask tax collectors and soldiers to resign but rather act differently

any views on this ?

my thoughts are this:
1. what or WHO are you working for - i.e. what is the purpose of your work
2. what do others see when they see you at work?
- someone like everyone else?
- a good person?
- Christ in you
the 3rd option is the goal... and is far harder than merely being 'hardworking and moral'...

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Anonymous said...

i guess it is not uncommon, but I had an asian friend who excepted christ but in the end held christ to be a too costly obstacle in the highway of business.
i admire the fact the he understood that there is no room for compromise, although I grieve his (to my knowledge) choice

as you say, because corruption is more hidden in the west it is probably enough disguised to satisfy our conscience, while really it is still there forcing us to compromise

your thrird option is of course the goal, and the darker it is around a christian at a work place (the more corrupted), the starker is the contrast.
but the stronger is also the spiritual battle
if one is not strong enough to influence, i believe that one will be influenced

it believe networks and fellowships between christian business men is a key to encouragement and standing together in christ