Friday, 30 April 2010

Wheat & Tares

This may be old to some of you...

but it always used to confuse me about the 2 'seed' parables in Matthew 13
how can on one hand the seed be sown onto good soil,
then on another hand there is a 2nd sowing of seed by the enemy

if you see no continuity between the allegories of the parables - this is no problem to you... you impoverished soul you...

but if the imagery is all the same then perhaps some may say this is some form of weird election thing...

but actually Jesus is talking about 2 different things

the first parable - is about "hearing the word of the kingdom"
the second parable - is about "what is the kingdom of heaven like"

thus the good seed are those growing up in the kingdom of heaven, the seed that fell on the good soil, that now produce good fruit, with good seed

and within the kingdom (church), the enemy will take the failed seed from the first, which are now wicked seed, and sow within the church - such that the tares, or anti-christs, will now choke the wheat, or 'christs' (you know what i mean)


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