Tuesday, 27 April 2010

One good thing about Post-Modernity

I'm quite glad that in Asia Post-Modernity is not really something that has innundated churches

since most Asians are far too 'pragmatic' to bother about being post-modern
i think we're still one philosophical age behind.... and we still are very much modern in thinking although hybridised with a weird sense of everything put together

there is one good thing that has come out of the relativistic post-modern age

and that is relativism

theology and religion for too long has been taught as an imaginary absolute,
possibly coming from the strange form of transcendancy of God that makes Him semi-integrated with the universe - i.e. coming up with weird notions like natural law (and if I may be bold - later on an inherent moral law)

i.e. a law inbuilt into the system - much more what I think a philosophical kind of universal governance rather than a Sovereign Father
(pS: read this incredible post on the necessity for the abolition of the non-Christ centered 'eternal decrees')

Post-Modernity has made us think that all standards and truths are based on points of view

And so that is the Truth... there is no universal standard of morality, no generic spirituality, no common sense or intellegence...
there is only the Father, Son & Spirit

Truth is Christ, and if you know Him, you know Truth
Good is the Father, and if you are like Him, you are good
Spirituality is the communion with the Spirit, if you have it, you are spiritual

everything IS relative - so WHO are you related to is the most important question in the universe....


Glen said...

How could a Christian ever object to the statement "It's all relative"? To deny that is to deny the faith.

I like Barth's line - "Christ's subjectivity is the one objectivity"

yemsee said...

lol.. you know sometimes i think that all the world's idealogies have been allowed to take over to make the church sort out all the loopholes and quirks in their doctrine - so that nothing can be taken for granted