Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Great Self-Control of the Father

The Father loves the Son and has always blessed Him in and with the Spirit

So the Father loves us, and longs to bless us, but as disobedient children He has to hold back so many blessings so that we may learn to love, at the same time hold back His wrath that we don't love but hate His Son

It is as though normal Christ-time  has slowed down (decayed) in the fleshly incarnation - so much like a day is like thousand years, as the Father longs for the same wondrous eternal renewed life with all His He always had...

In the church the decaying time is almost an ignored shell, as our outer flesh wastes away... but the Spirit life we live is renewed day by day - bringing it back to what it was in eternity

We live more and more in eternity to eternity as we live out the life of Christ in the church...

It also works in parenting =)

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