Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sinful Identification Required for Empowered Service

Now there's a title..

When Nehemiah prays - he needs to :

1st - know exactly who God is - i.e. faithful, loving according to covenant, that the 70 years are up, etc...

2nd - identify completely with the church - he is utterly sinful in breaking covenant even though he himself as an individual has not done anything (or probably not even born before the exile)

3rd - then only can he be the solution to the problem

too frequently the people who think they can solve the church's problems think so because they are better than the rest - and as a result whatever they do at best does not last..

only when we know we are the problem (even though we are not), and acknowledge that before God, will God empower us to be the solution..

and of course Jesus is the fulfiller of all that ... and so we now imbibe a portion in our lives...

very interesting when you think about how God's call works...

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