Monday, 10 January 2011

Rudimentary Thoughts on Ezra-Nehemiah

So then..

this is in exile.

The One who brings joy to the king with the new wine comes to build his people

He places the wall... (Zech implies - He is the wall)
and the gates

there is identity for the people - they are one (cf Eph)
and security

Notice He is the governor, but yet not really there..
as He prepares homes for the people in the city of God

Ezra is then sent in to the centre of it all - to rebuild the temple, to write the laws on the people's hearts
the scribe pens these things out

So we have the exterior set by Nehemiah
and the interior being worked on by Ezra

during the time - Sabbath is being established
all the bad stuff is being thrown out - (cf Zech - no Canaanites will remain)

yet Haggai makes sure we know we are not building the kingdom on earth once the new wall (cf Eph 2 and Zech - the old wall is broken and the new wall established) - but the kingdom that is to come - and this is merely firstfruits  - where there is a spreading holiness instead of spreading uncleanness

implications - identity - Neh 5 - we now no longer treat each other as slaves - we have purpose and community - there are those who would threaten it - who do not want (Neh 2) to seek the welfare of God's people
security - the security of the wall is actually the security in God's love, justification, and corporate sealing and bonding  - nothing can take us away - and in this love wickedness (Zech 4/5) is purged by the priest/king - who spreads Himself (Branch - Big Tree Jesus parable)

anything else? more? different?

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