Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Contact Point

The whole issue of general revelation and natural theology concluded it's application in the manner of evangelism...


In fact most major outreaches are based on this form of theology

the basis is I start with a common ground of understanding about God or the Divine with non-Christians and from there I sort of guide it to the 'full revelation' of the Living God

Whether or not certain evangelicals believe in natural theology, their evangelism based on general revelation is exactly the same in methodology - just perhaps less obvious

So then, if there is no such thing as 'idolatrous revelation' - which I shall rename it such - and all revelation is Christological (there is the corrupted reception of that revelation in man), is there a contact point?

Well I think there is:

In all Biblical evangelism - the contact point is the pointing out of the absence of the knowledge of the True & Living God:

Acts 14/17 - that Paul points out you don't know Who He is, you can't see Him in His creation

Even if we do some tracing throughout the Bible i think this is also true
people's words and actions reveal that they know something that pagans do not know

From Daniel & Joseph interpreting dreams,
Jeremiah buying a piece of 'useless' land,
The prophets saying 'thus says the Lord'

This may initially look like some form of 'gnosticism' (i.e. the secret knowledge)
So what is the difference?
The difference is the gnostics used knowledge to raise themselves above others - which basically is the same as any form of intellectualism today (and most other types of self-exaltation)

The knowledge of Christ on the other hand - translates into service, into an entering or incarnating into the World, to shine this Gnosis, this Logos for all things into the World - showing the world that they live in darkness - they are unknown by the Living God neither do they know Him

Thus the labour of Christians is not in evangelistic method,
but in the knowledge of Christ (Eph 1:17), in becoming more of His likeness (holiness), etc

this then will cause us to live in a manner that declares our Gnosis to the world, and that they do not know Him at all - this is the manner of letting our light shine before men and not hiding it under a bushel

Then the Light will illuminate the darkness, and it shall not comprehend - then the choice will be clear, run away and hate the light, or remain in the Light to have fellowship with the Light, that the darkness may be overcome by the Light

So then, what is our evangelism strategy? Labour in the knowledge of Christ, Labour in holiness, Let your light shine before men - that they may realise they are in darkness, and come into the Light to glorify the unknown True and Living God

The contact point is Light Shining in the Darkness

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