Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Creation Ex Nihilo

Referring to several previous posts...

I am still in the dilemma what it means to be a new creation
both in the individual and in the cosmic sense

i have learned a few things:
1. New - means renewed and constantly so (like eternally begotten)
2. The fires of judgment are like those of a refinery - burning the dross and refining the gold and silver
3. The tree is burned - but the stump remains (see 2 posts down)

So then what was my original idea?
a new creation must be something completely new from nothing
but then I have realised that is as bad as the idea that the first creation came from nothing - ex nihilo

but this is not true - since the first creation came from the cutting off of Christ - the chopping down of the True Tree

So then the new creation must also be the same
it is not ex nihilo - but similarly out of the death of the incarnate body of Christ
- this is bad latin: ex Sacralogos nex

a most peculiar thing that a realm of darkness must be created before a Seed can be planted into it...

we see it everyday in birth - that a dark, watery, womb is nececssary for a baby
and a broken earth - dark, yet with plenty of moisture - for a seed

thus the Cut-Off Christ becomes the very soil/womb for the Renewed Christ - utterly united God-Man

this is a most strange thing - which i do not know how to describe

so then within our decaying bodies, a New Seed is planted (from the Death of the First Seed) - that will swallow up our old selves - to make a new self
death is swallowed up in victory
mortal is swallowed up by immortality

does any of the old remain? no - not one speck of dust
the Spirit grows within the flesh, then swallows up the flesh

I still can't quite get a handle on this....

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