Monday, 11 January 2010

The Eternal Word

In some versions of the Nicene Creed
"only-begotten" is translated "eternally begotten"

I think this is right - as in Christ is the Eternal Son of God

Meaning He is the Eternal Word of God
always coming out from from the Father

In this sense - He is always being begotten
or rather, every day He is born

for this to happen, it also means - He is always born-again
He is ever new, ever out of the Father, coming back 'into' the Father

"Out of the heart, the mouth speaks"

Jesus comes out of the Father, being the Father's heart
He then returns into the Father to the Father's heart
to be refreshed in and by the Father, always coming forth

so also we too as Christians learn this intimacy
and come into the heart of the Father by being in Christ

The Son was cut-off from the Father so that He can be reformed with us included
bringing us into this cycle of always being born-again

There is no pain in this eternal child-birth
since pain and not childbirth is the consequence of sin
and the true childbirth (as we know from having spiritual children)
is always one of great joy

Thus Christ is always re-created by the Father
He is always His ever-new-ever-fresh Word from His heart

so then the distinction between us and God is not begotten vs created
(i know I'm going pretty heretical here)
but - Luke 3 - Adam begotten of God

The distinction is the presence of the Spirit of God
which we reject and therefore are dead and separate

once we are filled and indwelt by the Spirit of God
we are sent straight into the Father's heart in Christ
equipped, empowered, and sent back out
and so we enter the eternal begottenness cycle...
for countless ages it can only get more glorious =)

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