Thursday, 21 January 2010

I believe in God

"If we believe in God, we musts expect that our old ways of thinking and living will be continually shaken to the foundations. If we believe in God, we will have to become seekers, pilgrims, pioneers with no permanent residence. We will no longer be satisfied with the unexamined beliefs and practices of our everyday personal and social world. If we believe in God we will necessarily question the gods of power, wealth, nationality, and race that clamor for our allegiance. Christian faith is thinking faith.


Theology is a strenuous inquiry, a process of seeking, contending, wrestling, like Jacob with the angel until dawn, wanting to be blessed and limping away from the struggle."

- Daniel L. Migliore, Faith Seeking Understanding


TEMPLE said...

Really? Christian faith is a thinking faith? How about all the thinking involved in the suppression of scientific discovery? Is that thinking? Does the Christian need to "question the gods of power, wealth, nationality, and race that clamor for our allegiance" also extend to the power structure surrounding the Christian faith? If so, I don't see it.

Don't you think it would be more accurate to describe Christian faith as "political faith"? For example, lets analyze the requirements for belief in this "thinking faith." Most particularly, it obviously requires a belief in God, and a rejection of belief in other Gods. What is the evidence for this assumption? Why don't Christians believe in Zeus or Thor? Are Christian reasons for not believing in Zeus any less relevant than my reasons for not believing in a Christian God?

In other words, Christians and I are both atheists, Yemsee, but I just believe in one less God than Christians do.


Philosopher's Mess said...

I was going to respond to this blog, and then I saw what Temple wrote and it was going to be redundant. I am not an atheist necessarily, but I don't like the idea that if your not a believer somehow this involves less thought, or is easier.

Believers are always saying stuff like this and it kind of makes it seem to outside observers that you're basically an unhappy person, with no self control outside of a daddy-God.