Thursday, 25 February 2010

Exodus 5

Glen's blogging through Exodus for lent - here's Exodus 5:

And so Moses and Aaron, fearing the weakening of the modern family, the slow but steady erosion of Israelite values in public life and their worsening working conditions decided to do the only thing upstanding, God-fearing folk can do – they formed a political pressure group. They called it CHANGE: Campaigning Hebrews for A Nicer Gentler Egypt.

They got the best legal advice, produced petitions by the armful and exploited every political contact they knew. In time they broadened their support base and went ‘co-belligerent’ with several other non-Israelite lobbies. Out of this was birthed the Campaigning Religious Interest-groups for a Nicer Gentler Egypt.

Some claimed that this rainbow coalition weakened their position but others insisted that CRINGE struck exactly the right note for the multicultural sensibilities of modern Egypt.

The combination of Moses’ wisdom, his knowledge of Egyptian philosophy, his family connections and his brother’s gift of the gab, make for a considerable force in Egyptian politics. Maybe this way Egypt will be straightened out a little and God’s people will not suffer so much.

But no...

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