Saturday, 6 February 2010


The only context of Scripture... is Christ


JonahGold said...

Yes! Amen.
The only true 'reading' of the Bible is a Christological reading.
No reading is 'neutral' but only one is true.
This is probably one of the most important assertions - both for Christians and non-Chistians when it comes to Scripture.

Philosopher's Mess said...

This statement is absurdly false! I would say the Pentatauch and the rest of the Hebrew texts are the foundations of the Scripture, as Jesus is woven in, as a fufillment of those scriptures. You can't understand the Jesus portion without establising the context. Also let's look purely at size the "New Testament" is a thin, sliver of a text compared to everything that comes before it. You say a lot of stuff on you blog with absolutely no logic behind it;that's a problem.

Alan McGuffog said...

Couldn't agree more with the statement "The only true 'reading' of the Bible is a Christological reading." We must always start with Christ as he himself says that all scripture bears witness about him.(John 5:39)Not only is he the fulfillment of those OT scriptures he is present in them. Athanasius' words are particularly helpful "the only system of thought into which Jesus Christ will fit is the one in which He is the starting point."