Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What is Truth? (2)

The problem with most of us is we see sin as the absence of what is good

wherelse in the garden of Eden,
we see Satan not coming as one who is devoid of good,
but one who was perfect, purposefully corrupting what is good

Sin, like darkness, is not the absence of light,
but the corruption of light - therefore darkness in Scripture is something tangible rather than the absence of something

Matthew 6:23 If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

The Light becomes darkness, because of the willful suppression of the Truth - the squinty eye allows only a polarized view of light to enter - so this then is darkness

Lies are half-truths and false-truths

So when we look at individuals, or teachings, or philosophies
we cannot say 'oh, there is something good in there'
but rather - they are willful corruptions of truth
biblically - they are ANTI-Christ
the worst kind of evil (rather the only kind of evil)
Twisting the truth is far more deadly

therefore sin is not a foreign concept
it stems also from Who Christ is
Sin is simply our purposeful corruption of Him - like Satan did in the wilderness

Corrupt light is no longer useful for anything
it must be treated as blindness,
the cure for corrupt light is not to re-polarise
it is impossible
the cure - is to shine True Light into the darkness
then the 'light within us which is darkness' cannot overcome it

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